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Benefits of Smart Solar

Smart Solar Energy

Solar PV for self consumption is an attractive investment across Europe. ROI depends on system size and country but even the most northern parts of Europe yield a first year ROI starting from 7%.

Solnet Group makes utilizing solar energy financially profitable, easy and care free for our customers. We take full responsibility for planning, procurement, permitting and installation. We also assist our customers with subsidy applications and prepare required documentation on our customers behalf.

The IoT enabled solar utilities are integrated to centarlized monitoring of assets and production statistics are delivered to portfolio manager for improved efficiency in energy procurement making fleet management easy and cost efficient. 

Automatic safety and redundancy features minimize system downtime and loss of production as faulty components are bypassed automatically and faults are recognised and analysed remotely in real time. All maintenance, repairs, updates and cloud based data services can be offered as tailor-made services according to our customers requirements.

To meet corporate and marketing communication needs we provide full developer services for API integrations and content management solutions for our customers.

Let us help you save on operational costs and reach your sustainability targets.

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Flexible design

Smart Solar Harvesting, Optimization and System Monitoring

The Smart Solar Utility products include module level Power Optimizers, highly efficient PV
inverters and a Web platform for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The system
enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the
known system constraints with traditional solar PV systems.

The Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter which is connected to each PV module. The
Power Optimizers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the
maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. The module level MPPT
tracking allows for flexible installation design with multiple orientations, tilts and module
types in the same string.

Smart Solar utilities automatically maintain a fixed string voltage, allowing installers even
greater flexibility with longer strings and strings of different lengths in order to design
optimal PV systems. The Power Optimizers are compatible with c-Si and thin-film modules
and have a 25 year warranty.

Furthermore, the power optimizers monitor the performance of each module and
communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for enhanced, cost-
effective module-level maintenance. Each power optimizer is equipped with the unique
SafeDC™ feature which automatically shuts down modules' DC voltage whenever the
inverter or grid power is shut down.

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Low O&M cost

The PV Monitoring Platform is a cloud-based platform that provides module-level, string-level and system-wide monitoring. The solar monitoring software provides enhanced maintenance of PV systems and yield assurance. 

The cloud based monitoring portal provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at module level, string level and system level. Alerts and statistics can be delivered to existing centralized monitoring services.


Smart solar utility: Superior safety and redundancy.

Module level optimization also enables redundancy features to bypass faulty components
minimizing loss of production.

In a PV system, each panel has an individual maximum power point. Differences between
panels are unavoidable in commercial installations. With traditional inverters, the weakest panel
reducesthe performance of all panels. With SolarEdge, each panel produces the maximum
energy,and mismatch-related power losses are eliminated.

Soiling, Shading & Leaves
Module soiling, from dirt, bird droppings, or snow contributes to mismatch between
modules and strings. While there may be no obstructions during site design, throughout a system’s
lifetime, a tree maygrow or a structure may be erected that creates uneven shading.

Uneven Module AgingModule performance can degrade up to 20% over 20 years,
however, each module agesat a different rate, causing aging mismatch, which increases
over time.

Full visibility of your system’s performance
* Full visibility into your assets through module-level monitoring – free for system lifetime
* Automatic alerts on system issues, pinpointed on a virtual site map
Anytime, anywhere
* Complete system status on your mobile device (iOS or Android)
Future compatibility and warranty
* 25-year power optimizer warranty
* 12-year inverter warranty;
Low cost inverter replacement out of warranty
* Any panel model can be used for future replacement & extension
* For agricultural areas – products are certified for ammonia resistance
For system lifetime
* Automatic performance reports
* Remote troubleshooting and enhanced maintenance capabilities

Our grid protection, electrical and fire safety features surpass current regulatory
requirements and offer added safety for grid operators, maintenance and emergency
personnel. Module level DC disconnect feature lowers firehazard and is the only reliable
way to reduce a solar arrays voltage to a safe level during daytime hours.

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Data & IoT


The IoT enabled solar utilities  are managed remotely as a fleet making asset management and centralized monitoring easy and cost efficient. 

Modern Smart Solar Utilities provide accurate real time data which can be used for various purposes from more efficient asset management and reduced operational cost to corporate and marketing  communications.

To meet corporate and marketing communication needs we provide full range of IT and system integration services as well as applications and hardware for digital signage, LED screens and content management solutions for our customers.

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Cost savings


Solar PV for self consumption is an attractive investment across Europe. ROI depends on system size and country but even the most northern parts of Europe yield a first year ROI starting from 7%. Utilizing rooftop solar PV provides cost savings in total energy procurement cost for each kWh used. By reducing the amount of energy purchased from the grid you save the cost of electricity, transfer and tax. Solar utilities have an expected lifecycle of over 30 years, during those years if any element of total energy procurement cost increases, the ROI increases.

Investing in solar PV for self consumption offers cumulative benefits that further improve the business case. Providing accurate production statistics to energy portfolio manager allows the portfolio to be adjusted to fit new consumption profile yielding further financial benefit on energy procurement. 

Certified locally produced renewable energy also contributes to Corporate sustainability targets. The production of the Solar utility reduces energy consumption from the grid and cumulates to used certified renewable energy pool without additional cost for certificates. Utilizing solar electricity also reduces CO2 emissions for the target location further contributing to Corporate Sustainability targets.

In addition many countries offer subsidies for renewable investments and production of renewable energy to incentivise investments.

We can help you save on operational costs and reach your sustainability targets.

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Fire Safety


Smart solar utilities offer added safety features for installers, operators and emergency personnel. Only module level DC disconnect device enables PV panel arrays to be de-energized to a safe voltage for firefighters to proceed with normal routines without threat of electicution. SolarEdge SadeDC features surpass European regulatory requirements offering investors and asset owners security even in case of emergency while ensuring safe operation of emergency personnel.

The Smart Solar Utility provides a superior safety solution for both electricution and fire risks.